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Website/Software Monitoring Contract

A website monitor constantly monitors and ensures the performance, availability, and functionality of a website. Monitoring is usually done from several locations across the globe to track latency issues and provide uninterrupted end-user experience or other errors.

Website monitoring made it easier and better

Monitor website performance from numerous global locations to increase the page load time, reduce downtime, and provide a better end-user experience.

With IT Adviser, receive uptime status, monitor the performance of services, check API health, detect risky URLs, report incidents in case of outages, and guarantee the availability of your website 24/7.

Monitor website uptime and page speed

Don't wait for users to tell you that your website is down. Continuously monitor the uptime of your IPv4/IPv6-enabled websites from relevant customer locations every one minute to assure availability for your globally distributed users. Configure intelligent thresholds and get informed via multiple notification channels in the event of an interruption. We also check downtime from alternative locations to prevent false positives.

Analyze web page speed using a real browser

Slow loading pages don't just disappoint users—they can also lead to page abandonment. Render your website using an original browser, and record load time for all static resources like documents, JavaScript, videos, images, and other files to recognize assets that may be slowing your page down.

Secure your website and users

Secure service reliability and never loses the trust of your users.

Website Defacement

Instantly detect unauthorized changes to the integrity of your website. Enable an automatic baseline to reveal everything from iframe/script injections to content modification.

Real-time blocklist check

Periodically run queries against public blocklists like Surbl, Invaluement, UCEPROTECT, SORBS, and more to identify domains and IP addresses marked as spam.

Brand Reputation

Keep your business and users protected. Recognize infected or malicious URLs and remove them from your website by driving checks against Google's list of unsafe web resources.

Domain Expiry

When a domain terminates, all the services attached to it will stop working. Set up an easy check, renew early, retain ownership, and prevent any unintended service disruption.

Web performance importance in customer retention

A glitch-free and the entrusted online experience are what every client is looking forward to. It is said that a website's performance is directly proportional to the rate of customer conversion, revenue, and end-user satisfaction. A slow-loading page can lead to creating a bunch of dissatisfied customers who might leave your page in search of a fast-loading, better-performing web page. By web performance monitoring, fine-tune the performance of your web page components, guarantee a better load time, and retain your customer base.